Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events does the club organize?

The club organizes a full range of events for Kellogg students that include but are not limited to: industry speakers, social and networking events, student panels and resume reviews, off-campus visits to companies and industry events. We are always looking for new ideas that will excite our members and bring us together to share ideas.

How frequently does the club meet?

The club does not have regular meeting times. Members of the Executive Team meet twice a month. Directors are encouraged to attend meetings with exec at least once a month.

How do I get involved with the club?

Once admitted with an active NetID, any Kellogg student can join the club with a single mouse-click on Campus Groups. Involvement after that is up to the individual student as there are many pressures on your time. First year students are encouraged to apply to become club directors to contribute to club management on a more regular basis. Second year students apply to the Executive Team at the end of their first year to help drive the future of the club.

How does the club benefit Kellogg Students?

The club affords an opportunity for students to gain leadership experience as well as influence the types of events, speakers, and companies that they can engage with while at Kellogg. Incoming Kellogg students use the club to learn more about industries they are considering for internships, gain feedback on their resume and interview skills, as well as make connections with students with similar interests. Second years students have the opportunity take a greater leadership position and mentor students.

Clubs are also one of the main communication channels between Kellogg students and the Kellogg Student Association government and the Office of Student Life. This is a critical feedback loop for improving and tailoring the student experience at Kellogg.