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    Kellogg Athletics Club

    The purpose of the club is to enhance the student experience at Kellogg by increasing social networking opportunities. Playing on a Kellogg athletics team will provide students with an outlet to have fun and
    build long lasting relationships in a non-academic environment. The club will also offer leadership opportunities to students as each team will be assigned a team captain, who will manage attendance and communications.

    Leagues will be designated as "competitive" or "just for fun" and players of all experience levels are welcome. Teams will be formed based on interest, schedule and skill level (beginner to advanced) and registration will be open to part-time, full-time, alumni and faculty. Students will have the opportunity to play in the following
    Chicago Sport and Social Leagues: softball, kickball, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, dodge ball, bowling, and tennis.

    In addition, the club will help students find informal neighborhood groups that are interested in getting together for yoga, running, tennis, golf, volleyball, softball, working out, etc.

    (Ends at Graduation)

    Will end at Graduation

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