The Private Equity and Venture Capital Club (PEVC) is Kellogg's club for students interested in private 

equity and venture capital. The PEVC Club supports the educational needs and career aspirations

of over 700 student members. Our members’ interests range from angel investing and venture

capital to buyouts and other alternative asset classes.



The PEVC Club provides members with a wide range of interests and experiences with exposure

to all stages of private equity and venture capital investing. Our key aims are:

Education - To improve awareness and understanding of PEVC within Kellogg.

Career - To help PEVC Club members properly navigate the recruiting process to maximize the

number and scope of relevant job opportunities available to Kellogg students.

Alumni - To strengthen relationships with Kellogg alumni and provide current students with

opportunities to interact with a wide range of industry professionals.


Why Kellogg

Kellogg links the innovative strength of entrepreneurs with the value-creating capabilities of venture

capital and private equity partners. Kellogg graduates become part of a close-knit global network of

alumni working together across the operating and principal investment spectrum. Kellogg's academic,

extracurricular education and post-graduate support represent significant competitive advantages for

alumni active in private equity and venture capital.