Who We Are:

MOVE thrives to create a diverse and welcoming dance community at Kellogg for students and JVs. We partner with other Kellogg clubs and local dance communities to plan events and drive cultural awareness and engagement through dance. 

What We Do:

Workshops. We coordinate classes in dances of all styles lead by professionals we've hired or students with previous dance backgrounds. Past dance workshops included: Bollywood, Banghra, Bellydancing, Salsa, Swing and Bachata.

Performances! During TG's and Mosiac week, we coordinate performances by Kellogg students, for Kellogg students, and teach participants all they need to know. Past performances included:

  • A bellydancing performance at the LAHIMA Fall Party at Firehouse. 
  • Bellydancing and Bollywood performances at the Asian Food Festival TG.
  • Partnering with other groups to coordinate Kiki, Salsa and Bellydancing performances during the Mosiac Week TG.

Social Outings. We're always exploring studios and clubs in the Chicago area for social outings. Events are coordinate through our Facebook page, and past social events included:

  • Latin (salsa, bachata, cha-cha) dancing at Alhambra
  • Swing dancing at Chicago Lindy Hop and Frankie 99

Interested? Join us on Facebook and CampusGroups!