2014 Kellogg Marketing Conference

Reimagine, Redefine, Reinvent: The New Marketing Playbook

January 24-25, 2014


The 2014 Marketing Conference, “Reimagine, Redefine, Reinvent: The New Marketing Playbook,” describes the actions one must take in order to be relevant in the world of marketing today.  There are many new and exciting challenges that are pushing the limits on a marketer’s skill set, and the myriad of new ways to apply these skills within marketing to create, innovate, and execute.  Keynotes and panels will help both students and professionals understand this changing landscape, including programming on topics such as unlocking the power of micro-targeting through mobile, understanding the shift from campaigns to real-time marketing, and the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit in marketing innovation today. With two full days of programming, the 2014 conference promises to once again be one of the country’s premier events for marketers.


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Please note that Friday is only open to alumni and corporate attendees.