The Kellogg High Tech Club is one of the largest professional clubs on campus. Our goal is to be primary source of industry information to those pursuing careers in high tech. We do this by:

  • Hosting tech talks throughout the year to help students get up to speed on tech trends

  • Offering career guidance and interview prep groups to help first year students prepare for interviews

  • Connecting interested students to relevant companies, projects, competitions and jobs

  • Planning quarterly social events to bring together current students, PTMBAs, administrators and alumni to build the tech community at Kellogg

2013 - 2014 Sponsors

Thanks to the following companies who have sponsored events with the High Tech Club this year:

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Tech Talks Video

Click on the titles below to see videos from recent high tech club events.

The Starter LeagueCo-founder and CEO Neal Sales-Griffin talks at one of our "Tech Mondays" about The Starter League, a Chicago-based start up that trains people to code, design and ship web apps.

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