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Energy Club Resource Library

Below you can find links to various reports, articles, and other information that encompass a very wide breadth of energy and environmental issues.

If you are aware of any other relevant documents that you feel would be useful to include on the website, please feel free to contact us.

EMC On-Campus Presentations


Oil & Gas Modeling - Self Study through Wall Street Prep (40% off coupon code: collegemb40)

Levelized Cost of New Generation Resources (EIA)

International Energy Outlook 2011 (EIA)

Cost and LCOE by Generation Technology Report (GTM)

Clean Tech Taxonomy (Kachan and Company)

Black Swans of Energy Transformation (V. Khosla)

Clean Tech Trends 2011 (Clean Edge)

Energy Outlook to 2030 (BP)

Oil and Natural Gas

Oil and Gas Glossary (Petroleum Communication Foundation)

Strengthening Our Economy: The Untapped U.S. Oil and Gas Resources (ICF)

Facing the Hard Truths about Energy: Energy Supply (National Petroleum Council)

The Unconventional Natural Gas Revolution and the Carbon Agenda (IHS CERA)

Utility and Smart Grid

Financing Energy Efficient Homes: Existing Policy Responses to Financial Barriers (IEA)

Assessment of Achievable Potential from Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs in the U.S. (EPRI)

Retrospective Examination of Demand Side Energy Efficiency Policies (RFF)

Buildings Energy Databook 2010 (DOE)


Greater Penetration of Solar Power Through CSP (NREL)

Map of PV Potential in the U.S. (DOE/NREL)

Map of Concentrated Solar Power Potential in the U.S. (DOE/NREL)


Map of Potential Wind Resources in the U.S. (DOE/NREL)

Annual Report of U.S. Wind Power Installation, Cost, and Performance Trends (DOE/EERE)

20% Wind Energy by 2030 (DOE/NREL)

2010 Wind Technologies Market Report (DOE/NREL)


Managing Risks from a Nuclear Revival (Harvard Kennedy School)

Advanced Nuclear Energy Technologies (UNDEP)

Nuclear Power Joint Fact-Finding Executive Summary (Keystone Center)

Nuclear Energy Overview - 2011 Year in Review (NEO)

US Nuclear Power After Fukushima (UCS)

Other Renewables

Map of Biomass Resources available in the U.S. (DOE/NREL)

Renewables 2009 Global Status Report (Renewable Energy Policy Network)

2010 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report (DOE/NREL)

Clean Energy Progress Report 2011 (IEA)

Transportation (Electric Vehicles)

2010 Vehicle Technologies Market Report (DOE/NREL)

2010 EV Study (ZPryme)

Carbon and Carbon Markets

Carbon 2009: Emissions Trading Coming Home (PointCarbon)

State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2011 (World Bank)

An Elaborated Proposal for a Global Climate Policy Architecture (Harvard)

Designing the Post-Kyoto Climate Regime (Harvard)

Policy Options for Reducing Oil Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the US Transportation Sector (Harvard Kennedy School)

Addressing Trade Climate Change with a Comprehensive U.S. Cap and Trade System (Harvard Kennedy School)