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Welcome to the Kellogg Energy Club! The Kellogg Energy Club serves as a resource for all students interested in energy and energy-related careers. The mission of our club is to create opportunities for students to learn about the energy industry and explore related careers, while advancing Kellogg’s relationships within the broader energy community. Currently, we focus on the following sectors:
  • Traditional / Oil & Gas (Exploration & Production, Refining, Petrochemicals, LNG/Shale Gas)
  • Utilities (Generation, Wholesale Energy Markets, Federal/State Legislation, Energy Trading)
  • Renewables & Clean Tech (Wind, Solar, Biofuels, Energy Storage, Efficiency/Smart Grid, Transportation and EV)
Please browse our events tab to learn about the resources we offer.If you're a prospective student and would like to learn more about club events, energy treks, and academic options, click here.